Want Lips? Kinda Scared?

The perfect lip filler has been approved!  We are excited to announce that Restylane Kysse has been approved in the US. Available in Europe under the name Emervel Lips, Kysse jumps into the US market at the perfect time. Why, you ask? Because lips are all the rage! It’s a great product dedicated to that perfect natural pout you have been looking for. You know us at Rush to Beauty, we love the natural look!

If you would like to learn more about Restylane KYSSE lip fillers in Beverly Hills, CA, we invite you to schedule a consultation with us today!

Welcome the Newest Member of the Restylane Family

Kysse joins the rest of the fantastic Restylane family of fillers. It is nestled in-between Restylane Refyne and Defyne and is a pivotal addition to this line. The great thing is that Kysse is the perfect product for those who may just be stepping into the lip filler game! The XpresHAn technology used in Kysse allows the filler to stretch as you talk, smile, and laugh out loud. Perfect for Lips!

No Pressure!

Getting your lips filled for the 1st time can be nerve-wracking, but we are here to talk you through it! At Rush to Beauty, we always start with a consultation. If that’s all you can handle on the 1st visit, no problem! Trista Shakeridge RN CANS and Michele Florez RN CANS both provide complimentary consultations, so feel free to reach out. We are happy to begin there.

In our appointments, we always take time to do a little assessment of your features and show you the basic lay out of the area you are interested in injecting. We then talk about what you want to achieve with lip filler: just adding back the lip volume you have lost, fixing a faded lip border, going for bigger augmented lips, or maybe just fixing a few tiny lip lines. After we decide together on a game plan, it’s injection time!

Does Restylane Kysse Hurt?

Let’s talk ouch factor, because we know you are thinking it.  At Rush to Beauty we always quip “Pretty Hurts,” but really the discomfort is very minimal. There is Lidocaine in Restylane Kysse, so the area becomes numb as we inject. Also note that at Rush to Beauty, we also use smaller needles to do our precise expert injections. A smaller needle means less discomfort. If you are still concerned or are a total chicken (no shame, so is this blog writer!), we have the option of using a topical numbing cream to numb the area prior to injections. We want to do what makes you the most comfortable!

Your Restylane Kysse Lip Filler Experience

We’ve made sure you are educated and comfortable, now it’s injection time! Our expert injectors will fill, sculpt, or plump your lips according to plan. Our injection specialists have a minimum of 12 years of experience, so you know you are in good hands. This advanced level of skill and newest lip filler, Kysse, allow you to feel confident that your lips will look refreshed or revamped – whichever you choose!

Check out our Restylane Kysse Page for more answers to your questions.

Reach out to us today! We can’t wait to take you on your new lip journey with Restylane Kysse in Beverly Hills, CA!

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