Small Changes that Make a Big Difference – Episode 1


MichelleMy name is Michele Florez,RN, BSN, CANS. I work as an injection specialist at Rush to Beauty. I am starting a blog series to educate everyone on small beauty tips and tricks that make a big difference. There are many small changes or procedures that we can do to the face that can enhance your look, symmetry or profile that allow you to remain natural looking. Here are a couple tips and tricks of our trade … please stay tuned for more!

1. Recessed chin -with profile, chin appears recessed or not aligned with the rest of the face. An overbite typically accompanies this.

a. Injecting dermal filler along the mandible or chin to enhance projection is a simple procedure that makes a huge difference. Surgical chin implants or reconstructive surgery aren’t the only options . The type of dermal filler used depends on the amount of projection needed. We typically use hylauranic acid based fillers first due to the fact that they can be reversed or dissolved. We then can follow with a more permanent filler when you are completely comfortable with your result.

2. Gummy smile-upon smiling your lip disappears or too much gum shows

b. Injecting small amount of Botox in the alar crease (corner of nostril) or above the lip will weaken the muscle that is inverting or raising your lip. This will allow more lip and less gum to show when smiling.

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