Restylane Lyft

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What is Restylane Lyft?

Restylane Lyft is an injectable filler used for wrinkles, mouth lines, mid-face volume and hands. This injectable is a hyaluronic acid based filler , which is a naturally occurring component of the skin that helps skin cells bind to water. The gel-like substance fills in lines and creases and replenishes the treated area with natural-looking volume. It’s an excellent option for men and women who are seeking skin rejuvenation but want to avoid surgery procedures.

Before & After Gallery

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What makes the new Restylane Lyft different from Perlane?

Restylane Lyft is the only product on the market that is approved for the midface, the lines around the mouth, and the hands. Lyft is the same great Perlane product we have used for years. It has been rebranded to complete the Restylane family of products with the addition of indications for the hand and midface.

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What are the advantages of choosing Restylane Lyft over other fillers?

Lyft has a great track record of satisfaction and safety. Because of its unique formulation, it is a true lifting agent and significantly improves the appearance of sagging tissues in the face without requiring surgery. Compared to other fillers, it typically produces more dramatic lifting while still maintaining soft, natural-looking results. Restylane Lyft is a great option for patients seeking visible lifting of the jowls and cheek areas. The price point is also lower than other mid face fillers, making it accessible to all clients.

Restylane received FDA approval for treatment of the hands in 2018, and it is currently the only hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler for use on the back of the hands. This treatment has already become a favorite for our patients. They love the fact that it smooths away significant signs of aging on the back of the hands, including loss of volume and deep wrinkles. While most people are concerned about facial aging, your hands can also give away your age. This quick treatment restores youthful volume to attain smooth skin texture on the hands.

What to Expect During Treatment

As with any injection, there is minimal discomfort; our office provides an in-office numbing cream to ensure treatment is as comfortable as possible. We have you arrive 30 minutes before your appointment, and one of our registered nurses will apply the numbing cream before allowing you to sit for a bit while the numbing takes effect. The formulation of this injectable also contains lidocaine, making the deep dermal filling – which is needed for lifting sagging tissues – much more tolerable.

After the treatment area has been anesthetized, you will receive injections as indicated in your personalized treatment plan. The injections will be placed in accordance with your natural anatomy and your cosmetic preferences.

Your appointment could last anywhere from 30 minutes (for a current patient) up to 90 minutes (for a patient who is new to our practice). Afterward, you can immediately resume your day. Please know we ask that you refrain from working out that 1st day and refrain from wearing makeup for the 1st 12 hours.

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Recovery and Downtime After Your Injections

Because this treatment is non-surgical, there is virtually no downtime or recovery required. Downtime is mostly social, since the treated area may be swollen for a few days. It’s also common for patients to experience some bruising and mild redness. Since Lyft is injected deep into the tissue, compared to other HA fillers, you may also feel some soreness or tenderness in the injection areas for several days.

There are no major activity restrictions after treatment, but patients should avoid strenuous exercise for a day or two.

Is Restylane Lyft Reversible?

Yes! You can feel comfortable with the knowledge that if you don’t like your results, they are reversible. There is an enzyme that can be used to dissolve the product. It may take a few visits to achieve the desired results, but this treatment is highly effective and restores the treatment area to its pre-injection appearance.

How Many Restylane Treatments Do I Need to See Results?

You will see an immediate improvement after the first treatment. Keep in mind that moderate to severe volume loss and wrinkles can require multiple syringes and multiple treatments. Patients can expect their results to last 12-18 months, but this depends on the treatment area and how your body reacts.

How long is a Restylane Lyft treatment?

You appointment could last anywhere from 30 minutes for a current patient up to 90 minute for a patient who is new to our practice.

Schedule a Consultation for Restylane Lyft in Beverly Hills!

Your aesthetic journey begins with a one-on-one consultation at our Beverly Hills office. Based on your cosmetic preferences and ultimate goals, you will be provided with a customized treatment plan. You will also be guided through your full range of options for procedures that may complement the effects of fillers, such as Botox injections. Contact our office today to take the next step!

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